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We establish and maintain mentorship-based partnerships because they serve as a vital extension of our district’s mission to aid every student’s identification and growth of their interpersonal, academic and professional goals. 

Kawana Coulon (Director of Wellness and Counseling Services at YES Prep)


Mentorship is more than a relationship, it’s a way to impact individuals from all walks of life to walk into their purpose.  

Since 1998, our YES Prep staff, teachers and community partners have fully committed to blazing that path and redefining possible for our students, proving that different outcomes are possible when students from underserved communities are given access to opportunities, authentic leadership and transformative relationships. 


A Westside Story | Meet Mrs. Warner 

Enter Rachel Warner, the middle school student support counselor at YES Prep West, who has served in this role for the past four years. Coming from a military family, Warner’s experience living statewide and overseas gave her a sense of adventure and zest for life that she gets to share with her students.  

“I’m what most people call a “military brat” meaning that where I’m from is actually where I’m living. Having lived in a variety of settings, urban, rural, overseas and stateside, I have been fortunate to live in various diverse environments leading to an eclectic view on life.” 

Warner shared with us that she values the opportunity to mentor students at her campus because it gives her a chance to make a difference in their lives.  

“When I was contacted by YES Prep to share my experience with mentorship, I was a little shocked as I never considered the work I did on West campus as mentoring; [however] I’ve always had a passion for working with young women and a desire to cultivate female empowerment that fostered individual confidence leading to positive relationships among young women.” 

YES Prep West Student Support Counselor Rachel Warner and West student Andrea Reyes 


What Mentorship Means for Students 

Mentorship is a passion many of our staff and teachers share that never goes unnoticed. Take Andrea Reyes for example, one of Warner’s mentees. Reyes has been a part of Warner’s mentor programs for two years, including Black Girls Rock (a space for girls to develop skills to build self-reliance and resilience by being a girl of color), Q.U.E.E.N.S. for the Culture (Quintessential Unity through Education and Encouragement for Next-level Sisterhood for the Culture) and Girls on the Run. 

One day, Reyes discovered flyers posted around the school for each club and reached out to Warner who then shared about the opportunity to connect with other girls in the school, including high school and in Reyes’ grade level. 

“When I first came to the school, I was very shy but over time this changed. Throughout sixth and seventh grade I would just follow what other people would say and do, but now that I’m in eighth grade I’m more of a leader and am making decisions for myself.” 

Having the opportunity to be around teachers and other girls allowed Reyes to see herself as true success leading into the future. Being a part of mentorship clubs brought her more confidence to “come out of her shell”, make new friends and meet new people. Reyes used mentorship to help her realize her full potential. 

“We support each other and lift each other up. I even signed up to be a model in a fashion show due to my connection with these clubs. I’m a better person now. I realize I have more confidence and feel hopeful about my future.” 

Warner and Reyes’ story serves as just one example of many strong mentorship bonds that are made at YES Prep. 


January is National Mentorship Month 

According to the National Mentoring Resource Center, nine million youth grow up without a mentor outside their family. This is why our YES Prep community partnerships have been established to meet the support needs of students and families across all our campuses.  

In honor of National Mentorship Month, we are sharing all the amazing work our YES Prep community is involved in and where your students can find mentorship opportunities. Continue scrolling to view a list of our more popular mentorship programs offered to YES Prep students. 



Girls on the Run is a non-profit organization that seeks to support young girls starting in 3rd grade through 8th grade by integrating physical activity and personal growth lessons that lead girls to learn more about themselves, become independent and critical thinkers, develop skills to write their own stories and to find inner strength both mentally and physically. 


Serving as one of our more popular programs, Boys To Men Texas is designed to create safe spaces for both boys and mentors to develop positive and healthy relationships built on honesty, consistency, and accountability. 


First and Goal is a Virtual Equip 24/7 Mentoring and Leadership Development Program dedicated to developing ways to change the problems at the heart of our students, campuses, and communities. 


M.E.N. INC assists young men with finding a realistic and obtainable balance spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and otherwise through mentorship and education. 


The Women’s Resource program provides at-risk 9th and 10th grade girls with life skills training relevant to financial, professional, and personal success  


All of the listed mentorship programs are available at all of our 21 YES Prep secondary campuses throughout Houston.  

Click here to get started with one of our Student Support Counselors and visit our Community Resources page to learn more about our programs and how your child can begin receiving mentorship today.  

  • Family Notes

Title I Meeting: Announcement

Hi Marvel Families,

On Monday, January 11th, we will host two Title I meetings for Families. There is one meeting in the morning at 9am and one in the evening at 5pm. Both meetings will be identical.

The purpose of this meeting is to:

  • Inform you of the school’s participation in Title 1A
  • Explain the requirements of Title 1A
  • Explain your rights and opportunities as parents and families to be involved in your child’s learning and achievement

In this meeting, we will reference our Campus Improvement Plan and our YES Prep West Secondary School Parent and Family Engagement Policy. Both are linked below:

We will also be providing updates on our progress towards our campus goals, will share highlights from Semester 1 at West, and provide more information about joining the Parent Pack, our family engagement association.

Joining Via Computer

Joining via Mobile Device

1.      Click on these links to join our meetings.

2.     The link will open a web page where you will have two options:

  • Download the Windows AppWatch on the web instead via your web browser

3.     Select Sign In or Join Anonymously

1.      Download the Microsoft Teams app through your app store.

2.     Click on one of these links to join our meeting.

3.     Select Join as Guest

4.     Type your Name

5.     Click Join Meeting

We hope to see you all there!


Ms. Kaveeshwar


¡Hola familias de Marvel!

El lunes 11 de enero organizaremos dos reuniones de Título I para familias. Hay una reunión a las 9 de la mañana y otra a las 5 de la tarde. Ambas reuniones serán idénticas.

El propósito de esta reunión es:

  • Informarle de la participación de la escuela en el Título 1A
  • Explicar los requisitos del Título 1A
  • Explicar sus derechos y oportunidades como padres y familias para participar en el aprendizaje y los logros de su hijo.

En esta reunión, haremos referencia a nuestro Plan de mejorar el campus y nuestra Política de participación de padres y familias de YES Prep West Secondary School. Ambos están vinculados a continuación:

También proporcionaremos actualizaciones sobre nuestro progreso hacia las metas de nuestro campus, compartiremos los aspectos más destacados del Semestre 1 en West y brindaremos más información sobre cómo unirse a Parent Pack, nuestra asociación de participación familiar.


Usando una Computadora

Usando La Aplicacion Movil

1.      Haga clic en estos enlaces para unirse a nuestras reuniones.


2.     Eso abrirá una página web donde vera dos opciones

  • Descargar la aplicación de Windows
  • Unirse en la web

3.     Seleccione Iniciar sesión o unirse de forma anónima.

1.      Descargue la aplicación Microsoft Teams a través de su tienda de aplicaciones.

2.     Haz clic en estos enlaces para unirse a nuestra reunión.

3.     Seleccione Unirse como invitado.

4.     Escriba su nombre

5.     Haz clic en Unirse a la reunión.

¡Esperamos verlos a todos allí!



Sra. Kaveeshwar




As a reminder, YES Prep is participating in the COVID-19 Rapid Testing Program—a program that is part of the Nation’s Coronavirus Testing Strategy and in collaboration with the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Division of Emergency Management. As a part of this project, school systems are provided with delivery of the Abbott BinaxNOW test kits, personal protective equipment (PPE), product training, and support to refill supplies as available. Independent School Districts and Private Schools which opt into this program will be required by law to report all test results; positive, negative, or inconclusive.

YES Prep is now offering COVID-19 rapid testing at no cost to any YES Prep student participating in the In-Person at School program. YES Prep will not charge a fee to take the tests, nor require participation in the program. These rapid tests are for any symptomatic in-person student who opts into the testing program by having their family fill out a permission slip once the symptomatic student is identified. The COVID - 19 Rapid Test will then be administered at the student’s home campus. Additionally, to receive a COVID-19 Rapid Test students must have a suspected or probable case of COVID-19. People who have 2+ symptoms of COVID-19 are suspected cases. If you have 2+ symptoms and have been in close contact with a confirmed positive COVID-19 case, your case is probable.


Como recordatorio, YES Prep está participando en el Programa de Pruebas Rápidas COVID-19, un programa que forma parte de la Estrategia Nacional de Pruebas de Coronavirus y en colaboración con la Agencia de Educación de Texas (TEA) y la División de Manejo de Emergencias de Texas. Como parte de este proyecto, los sistemas escolares reciben la entrega de los kits de prueba Abbott BinaxNOW, equipo de protección personal (PPE), capacitación sobre el producto y apoyo para reponer los suministros según estén disponibles. Los distritos escolares independientes y las escuelas privadas que opten participar en este programa estan obligados por ley a informar todos los resultados de las pruebas; positivo, negativo o inconcluso.

YES Prep ahora ofrece la prueba rápida COVID-19 sin costo para cualquier estudiante de YES Prep que participe en el programa En Persona en la Escuela. YES Prep no cobrará por realizar las pruebas ni exigirá la participación en el programa. Estas pruebas rápidas son para cualquier estudiante sintomático en persona que opte participar en este programa y que su familia llene un formulario de permiso una vez que se identifica al estudiante sintomático. Las purebas rápidas se administrarán en la escuela del estudiante. Además, para recibir una prueba rápida de COVID-19, los estudiantes deben tener un caso sospechoso o probable de COVID-19. Las personas que tienen 2+ síntomas de COVID-19 son casos sospechosos. Si tiene más de 2 síntomas y ha estado en contacto cercano con un caso positivo confirmado de COVID-19, su caso es probable


In accordance with Yes Prep West's commitment to the health and safety of our families and students, we have partnered with HealthCorps to provide a number of Safe Student Kits on Wednesday, December 2nd. All in-person students will receive the kits at dismissal to bring home with them.

In these kits in-person students will find: a Kinsa connected thermometer, Kinsa Thermometer user guide, and HealthCorps Coronavirus/mental health resources.

This thermometer should be set up to connect to an app on a smartphone. Once connected to an Android or Apple smartphone, the Kinsa Thermometers send anonymous information to our school certified medical assistant on the health of West's students. For instance, as parents take their student's daily temperature and complete a symptom check, Kinsa sends aggregate, anonymized information on symptoms and illnesses as reported by grade level. 

Enabling our West Community to make informed decisions about the health of our student population is extremely important to us. This is a new and exciting, technology-based way for us to do so.

Parents are not required to connect their thermometers to the application if they do not want to, however, it is recommended. Please plan to set up your thermometer and connect it to an app by Monday, December 7th, if you choose.  Regardless of whether you connect the thermometer to the app, we strongly recommend that families use this Kinsa Thermometer to take their student’s temperature every day before leaving home to keep our school safe and healthy.

These kits are being provided thanks to the generosity of HealthCorps' and Holthouse Foundation for Kids. You can find instructions on how to set up your Kinsa Thermometer and the smartphone application in your kit and below:

De acuerdo con el compromiso de Yes Prep West con la salud y seguridad de nuestras familias y estudiantes, nos hemos asociado con HealthCorps para proporcionar una serie de Kits de Estudiantes Seguros el 2 de diciembre. Todos los estudiantes EN PERSONA recibirán los kits en el despido para llevar a casa.

En estos kits los estudiantes en persona encontrarán: un termómetro conectado Kinsa, la guía del usuario del termómetro Kinsa y los recursos de salud mental/Coronavirus de HealthCorps.

Este termómetro debe configurarse para conectarse a una aplicación en un teléfono inteligente. Una vez conectados a un teléfono inteligente Android o Apple, los termómetros Kinsa envían información anónima a nuestras enfermeras de la escuela actualizaciones sobre la salud de los estudiantes de West. Por ejemplo, a medida que los padres toman la temperatura diaria de sus estudiantes y completan una verificación de síntomas, Kinsa envía información agregada y anónima sobre los síntomas y enfermedades según lo informado por nivel de grado. 

Permitir que nuestra comunidad occidental tome decisiones informadas sobre la salud de nuestra población estudiantil es extremadamente importante para nosotros. Esta es una nueva y emocionante manera basada en la tecnología para que lo hagamos.

Los padres no están obligados a conectar sus termómetros a la aplicación si no quieren, sin embargo, se recomienda. Por favor, planee configurar su termómetro y conectarlo a una aplicación para el lunes, 7 de diciembre, si lo desea.  Independientemente de si conecta el termómetro a la aplicación, recomendamos encarecidamente que las familias utilicen este termómetro Kinsa tome la temperatura de sus estudiantes todos los días antes de salir de casa para mantener nuestra escuela segura y saludable.

Estos kits se proporcionan gracias a la generosidad de HealthCorps' y Holthouse Foundation for Kids. Puede encontrar instrucciones sobre cómo configurar su Kinsa Therometer y la aplicación para teléfonos inteligentes en su kit y abajo:



On Monday, September 14th, we hosted a Town Hall for families to share more information about re-opening. 

If you were unable to attend, please watch the recording of the Town Hall here. If you need support completing the Family Preference Survey, please email WestFrontOffice@yesprep.org.

For more information about re-opening, please visit our YES Prep Reignited page.