Family Notes

YES Prep West will communicate with families via The Marvel Memo, our weekly e-newsletter. The Marvel Memo is shared with our families via email on Friday beginning September 7th and posted to our campus website.

Other updates may be shared using the campus social media pages (Facebook and/or Instagram), and the Parent Pack Whatsapp Groups. 

Families are encouraged to opt-in to all communication channels to ensure they receive all updates pertaining to their child(ren).

Families may also receive information via phone call and/or text messages from staff. Campus Closures and all emergency updates will be shared with families using School Messenger, so please be sure the campus has updated phone and email information.

English Spanish
Family Notes 9.7.19 Notas de Familia 9.7.19
Family Notes 9.14.19 Notas de Familia 9.14.19
Family Notes 9.23.19 Notas de Familia 9.23.19
Family Notes 9.30.19 Notas de Familia 9.30.19
Family Notes 10.07.19 Notas de Familia 10.07.19
Family Notes 10.15.19 Notas de Familia 10.15.19
Family Notes 10.21.19 Notas de Familia 10.21.19
Family Notes 11.03.19 Notas de Familia 11.03.19
Family Notes 11.12.19 Notas de Familia 11.12.19
Family Notes 12.02.19 Notas de Familia 12.02.19
Family Notes 12.09.19 Notas de Familia 12.09.19
Family Notes 1.21.20 Notas de Familia 1.21.20
Family Notes 1.27.20 Notas de Familia 1.27.20