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January 30th - Unified Tutorials Begin 

February 1 - ACE Meeting (5:30-6:30pm)

February 3 - Early Dismissal for Students

February 4th, 23rd - Open Gym (Saturday, 9-12pm)

February 6-10 - Spirit Week (see calendar above!)

February 14th - Valentine's Movie Night

February 20th - No School!

February 24th - Black History Month Block Party at West (more info to come!)

Help with the Valentine's Day Brunch for Teachers

The Parent Association met up in January and is now planning a Valentine’s Day Brunch for the West Staff on Tuesday, February 14th! You can sign up to bring an item here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0544AFA92CA2FD0-teacher

Reach out to Ms. Marquez for any questions! Items must be dropped off before February 14th at 7:30 am.


NG Coding on Report Cards for 18+ Unexcused Absences

On report cards of students in grades 9-12 on Jan. 6, there may be a new notation "NG" that hides a student's grade due to having 18 or more unexcused absences in that course.   Students who receive NG grades may not be failing the course; instead, they failed to meet expanded state attendance requirements, so they will not receive a grade until that course is recovered.  HB 5, an updated regulation passed by the Texas Legislature, outlines standards for promotion and graduation to include attendance.

The school considers students who miss more than 10% of class time as "excessive, unexcused absences" by the school. Although YES Prep will assign and record grades, they will not be awarded to students who have excessive absences until the student recovers the missing seat time.

The student may correct this issue by repeating the course, attending credit recovery, or completing attendance recovery.  The campus attendance committee can also be contacted in cases where extenuating circumstances exist.  More information on enrolling in credit recovery or attendance recovery will be released in February. If parents or guardians have any questions regarding attendance recovery in the Spring, they may contact the campus Director of Student Support (DSS).


Legacy Clinic: Meet Your Providers


Student Assistance Forms

We know that you may have some needs that arise as a parent, guardian, or student. You can receive direct help by submitting a “Student Assistance Form” or, a SAF. To communicate any support needs you may have, please click on the SAF link on the district website or use the QR code below. A campus Student Support Counselor will follow-up with you to determine the best way to get your need met. SAFs can be submitted for:

  • Urgent family concerns
  • Family or student supplies or resources needed for school (i.e. uniforms, calculator, books, food)
  • Student social and emotional concerns
  • Student home or family concerns
  • Student relationship concerns
  • Concerns about harassment, race, or equity

Weekly Attendance Update

Students are marked absent for the day if they arrive to school after 9:15 AM. Students should be in their 1st period classrooms when attendance is taken each day.

Please remember that students can entire the building as early as 8:00 AM and are considered tardy after 8:30 AM.

This week, we had on average 77 kids absent each day. Our goal is to have less than 40 kids absent each day.

Please help our students get to school every day on-time so that we can do our part to prepare them for success.

Our ADA goal = 96%

Our current ADA = 93.3%

Soccer Schedule

Date Day Home Away Time  
1-31 Tue YP Southside YP West 3:00/4:30 G/B
2-2 Fri YP West YP Fifth Ward 3:00/430 G/B
2-7 Tue YP Northline YP West 3:00/4:30 G/B
2-10 Fri YP Southwest YP West 3:00/4:30 G/B
2-13 Mon YP West YP Northside 3:00/400 G/B
2-17 Fri YP Hobby YP West 3:00/4:30 G/B
2-21 Tue YP Northwest YP West 3:00/4:30 G/B
2-24 Fri Harmony HSI-Sugar Land YP West 3:00/4:30 B/G
2-28 Tue YP West Harmony HSI Katy HS Boys 3:00/4:30 G/B
3-3 Bye        
3-6 Mon Harmony HSA Houston HS YP West 3:00/4:30 G/B
3-8 Wed YP West YP Northwest 3:00/4:40 B/G
3-21 Tue YP West Harmony HSI-Sugar Land HS 3:00/4:30 G/B
3-24 Fri Harmony HSI Katy HS YP West 3:00/4:00  
3-28 Bye        
3-31 Fri YP West Harmony HSA Houston HS 3:00/4:30 B/G
Middle School          
2/9 Thu YP West YP Northwest 3/4 G/B
2/16 Thu YP West Harmony HSE-SL MS 3/4 G/B
2/23 Thu YP West Harmony HSI Houston MS 3/4 B/G
3-2 Thu Harmony HSA Katy YP West 3/4 G/B
3-9 Thu YP West SST-Advancement 3/4 B/G
3-23 Thu Harmony HSE-SL MS YP West 3/4 G/B
3-30 Thu YP Gulfton YP West 3/4 B/G

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