Our goal is for our students to be competitive as college students and college graduates; to do that, our rigor and expectations in middle school and high school must be high.  

By reaching to meet these expectations, students demonstrate that they share this core value of graduating from college and that they are committed to creating bright futures for themselves, their families, and their communities. 



We offer the following classes in each academic area. All classes are year-long classes unless designated as a semester-long class. For a guide on our Grading Policy, see links below.

  • English: ELA 6, ELA 7, ELA 8, English I (9th), English II (10th), IRC (11th), AP English Literature (11th), AP English Language (12th)
  • Math: Math 6, Math 7, Math 8, Algebra I (9th), Geometry (10th), Algebra II (10th – 11th), PreCalculus (11th – 12th), AQR (12th), AP Calculus AB (12th)
  • Science: Science 6, Science 7, Science 8, Biology (9th), Chemistry (10th), AP Biology (10th – 12th), Physics (11th), AP Physics 1 (11th), AP Physics C (12th), Environmental Systems (12th), AP Environmental Science (12th)
  • Social Studies: SS 6, SS 7, SS 8, World Geography (9th), World History (10th), US History (11th), AP US History (11th), Economics (12th – Semester), Government (12th – Semester)
  • World Language: Spanish II (8th – 12th), Spanish III (8th – 12th), AP Spanish Language (9th – 12th)
  • Intervention/Enrichment: Reading Intervention (6th - 9th), 6th Grade Reading Enrichment (6th - 7th), Math Intervention (6th - 7th)
  • Electives:  Computer Science I (8th – 12th),  Art (6th, 9th – 12th), Interpersonal Studies (9th – Semester), Professional Communication (9th – Semester), PE (6th –  12th), Health (8th), Junior Seminar (11th), Senior Seminar (12th)

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AP Courses

We currently offer the following AP classes in each academic area. While we aim to offer the same AP courses from year to year, our AP course offerings are based on the availability of a well-prepared teacher for a given course.

Students who enroll in an AP course are required to take the AP exam in the spring semester, which requires paying the appropriate exam fees as well. All seniors are enrolled in AP English Language due to district academic requirements, so this course is the only AP exam students are not expected to pay for. Students who are enrolled in an AP course should ask their teachers for the ‘JOIN CODES’ so they can access materials from college board. See more information here

  • English: AP English Literature (11th), AP English Language (12th)
  • Math: AP Calculus AB (12th)
  • Science: AP Biology (10th – 12th), AP Physics 1 (11th), AP Physics C (12th), AP Environmental Science (12th), AP Psychology (11th –  12th)
  • Social Studies: AP US History (11th)
  • World Language: AP Spanish Language (9th – 12th), AP Spanish Literature (9th – 12th)



All teachers offer at least 45 minutes of tutorials per week.  Tutorials are held from 4:15 – 5:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and/or each day during lunch.  If you would like additional help from a teacher, please reach out to that teacher to request tutorials.


Credit Recovery  

Students who fail 1 or 2 total semesters of their core classes will need to attend Summer Credit Recovery in order to earn the necessary credits to be promoted to the next grade. 

The cost of Summer Credit Recovery is $200 per semester. 

Classes run the first 3 weeks of summer at another YES Prep campus.